The X Series Vet platform is a laptop color Doppler ultrasound system designed with high quality images out in the field. X Series Vet is equipped with SonoScape’s superior imaging technology, providing professional veterinary software catering to a wide variety of animals ranging from small companion animals to large farm animals. Its crystal clear imaging and smooth workflow creates a new and improved examination experience that provides the accuracy you need for a confident diagnosis.

Efficient Experience

Since X Series Vet adopts SonoScape’s latest imaging technologies to produce excellent images with high resolution and deep penetration, presenting a large amount of information onto the ultrasound screen. Improved image quality will allow for faster and more accurate exams of any species.

Multi-beam processing technology
C-field beam technology
Spatial compound imaging
u-Scan image processing technology
Pure inversion harmonic imaging


The companion animal package provides users with complete solutions for a variety of applications and animals. From the highdefinition screen and control panel design to the boot up speed and preset examination options, the X Series Vet accessories the examination process.

  • 15.6 inch high definition LED monitor with a large display region
  • Boot up quickly with predetermined exam settings loaded and ready
  • Noiseless system to prevent startling the animals
  • Auto brightness adjustment screen and backlit control panel
  • Keyboard cover to avoid fluids and dust


Combining efficiency, simplicity and versatility, the X Series Vet is a great choice for equine examinations. Equipped with specialty transducers and equine specific software, it easily produces stunning images across necessary applications for equines such as MSK, reproductive organs, and has the penetration needed for abdominal and cardiac scanning as well.

  • advanced imaging technologies for high quality images to satisfy various practices, academia, research, and wildlife
  • Satisfying equine presets for cardiac, abdominal, tendon, and reproductive evaluation
  • Dedicated measurement, calculation, and annotation for each exam mode
  • Wide range folding angle and viewing angle
  • Anti-reflective screen and a backlit keyboard
  • Splash resistant and dust proof keyboard protective covering

Image Gallery



Tendon Transversal(Equine)

Cardiac M Mode(Canidae)


Kidney Color Flow(Canidae)