Pushing the Boundaries of Therapeutic Excellence

With ultrasound endoscopy, we are looking beyond just a better diagnosis yield. Introducing* the EG-UC5T Linear-Array echoendoscope that widens staging and therapeutic options. Reaping the benefits of decades of ultrasound technology know-how, combined with our endorsed endoscope design, SonoScape’s EG-UC5T fulfils and exceeds the most sought-after requirement from your medical team, levelling up the vision and achievement behind the wall of the GI tract.

All Rounder
There is never right or wrong echoendoscope but the one fits your clinical needs. The versatile EG-UC5T makes the choice easier.
♦ 4.0-mm Instrument channel
♦ 12.4-mm Insertion diameter
♦ Short bending radius
♦ Scanning angle amounts to 150°
♦ 5-12MHz Accoustic frequency
♦ Equipped with the air-water button

Imaging Pioneer
Get access to one of the finest ultrasound images worldwide, well-known amongst your radiology colleagues.
♦ All common modalities and Doppler technology
♦ Contrast-Enhanced Harmonic EUS and EUS elastography
♦ Transducer of the latest generation with improved electromagnetic shielding technology

Attention to Detail
The EG-UC5T is designed to offer you maximum comfort in procedures and minimum concern of safety, in indispensable details.
♦ Light-weight handle with four fully customisable buttons
♦ A unique cut-out design on the back of the elevator facilitates scope cleaning

The EG-UC5T is paired with:

Endoscopy system

Ultrasound scanner

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