Interwoven Mastery

The arrival of the 360° radial echoendoscope EG-UR5 is the touchstone of precise diagnosis in the GI tract and its extra-luminal structure. It is a mastery of both advanced ultrasound and endoscopy technology.

Mastery of View
Achieve a broader vision with EG-UR5’s 360° scanning angle and obtain an impartial perspective at each step as you advance. The scope has a large field of view which doesn’t compromise the forward endoscopic visual field. The high-definition outputs from both the endoscopic and ultrasound systems jointly provide an outstanding precision in diagnosis.

Not to miss any important detail even it is subepithelial, thanks to EG-UR5’s adjustable focus points, ample spectrum of ultrasound frequencies that penetrate deep in the tissue.

Mastery of Functionality
Switch with ease amongst an array of display modes, B/M/CFM/Power Doppler/Pulse Wave Doppler, to suit changing clinical needs. Assisted by not only the ultrasound information but also SonoScape's chromoendoscopy technology, the pin-point diagnosis becomes possible.

In addition, EG-UR5 offers an integrated 2.2mm working channel that allows direct biopsy. 

Mastery of Comfort
Packed in a slim body, EG-UR5 possesses a small distal end with short bending radius as it deflects in all four directions. Its versatility and flexibility will be appreciated by both you and your patients.

EG-UR5 is paired with S60, SonoScape’s Premium Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System.
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