Ultrasound Device Cleaning and Disinfection

1970-01-01 08:33:40

Equipment Cleaning

① To clean the system surface:Power off and unplug the ultrasound system from AC power outlet. Use a lint-free soft cloth to clean the surfaces of the monitor screen, the touch screen, the control panel, the key panel and main unit.

② Remove the coupling gel from the probe surface after exam.

③ Do not clean the monitor screen and touch screen with alcohol, it is recommended to use monitor cleanser.

Equipment disinfection

① Do not disinfect probe surface and probe cables with alcohol.
② To disinfect the body surface probe: It is recommended to use disinfectant (active ingredients are Quat.Ammonia or Hydrogen peroxide) to disinfect the body surface probe(Apply to probe, probe cables, monitor screen, touch screen).
③ To disinfect the endocavitary probe: Clean before disinfecting, and disinfect the endocavitary probe before and after each use.
④ For the interventional type probes(such as TEE, laparoscopic) and biopsy bracket: A high level of disinfection shall be performed in strict accordance with the cleaning and disinfection procedures.
⑤ Please protect the probe sockets and probe cables before disinfection to avoid damaging the probes. 


*Please refer to the product user manual for specific disinfection standards, local laws and regulations should be followed.