SonoScape's Action to Address COVID-19

1970-01-01 08:33:40

“United we stand, divided we fall”

When we started to help with the coronavirus epidemic as early as the end of January, we worked against time with one priority in mind by ensuring the health and safety of our employees while supporting diagnostic and treatment solutions for hospitals.

The situation evolved faster than one can imagine. We remind every employee to check in health status online daily, until today, since the country sounded the alarm and to provide necessary support where needed.

COVID-19 outbreak is a test for everyone, every organization and every nation involved. We are proud to have responded proactively through accelerated manufacturing, logistic, installation, service, solution sharing, and donations.

Our Response to the COVID-19

Accelerated and orderly manufacturing

With risk evaluation and careful precaution measures, including regular body temp check, workplace disinfections, staggered scheduling, in mid-February, 70% of the factory employees and engineers have returned to their duty in a safe working environment and produce around the clock to deliver.


SonoScape mobilized quickly and donated dozens of ultrasound systems and hematology analyzers which are currently in use across China on the front lines.

Online experience sharing

We helped to organize broadcasting frontline doctors' experiences in ultrasound diagnosis on COVID-19. Doctors on the screen gave out immediate and practical treatment suggestions in assessing clinical conditions.

Ultrasound systems for Point-of-Care imaging

As a more convenient, real-time and safe way to follow up on the diagnosis of COVID-19 patients, particularly patients with severe symptoms, bedside ultrasound can provide fast and flexible solutions.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Solutions >


Preventing contaminated medical devices in the context of COVID-19

Using medical devices safely and efficiently can mean a lot in challenging situations. We have prepared a few quick tips for cleaning and disinfection of SonoScape ultrasound devices:

Ultrasound devices cleaning and disinfection guideline >

Service and Supports

We are standing by to respond to your needs and questions. For help, contact your SonoScape representative or select one of the support options below.




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