Style and Performance

Through years of continuous innovation, development, and by giving priority to our customers’ requirements. Based on the revolutionary platform, combining SonoScape’s core imaging technologies and sleek ergonomic design, S40 elevates the image performance to a record level and satisfies even the most demanding clinical requirements, significantly expanding the value of ultrasound.

Spatial Compound Imaging
Spatial Compound Imaging utilizes several lines of sight for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, with which S40 is ideal for superficial and abdominal imaging with better clarity and improved continuity of structures.

Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
The harmonic signals are fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information, which makes it possible for S40 to image high-level details and improve contrast resolution by reducing noise and clutter in the visualizing of subtle lesions, small parts, vascular and so on.

μ-Scan uses real-time image processing algorithm to eliminate speckle and noise artifacts, enhancing tissue margins and borders by correcting discontinuity between different regions, allowing improved visualization of real tissue information.

Auto-Adaptive Imaging Processing
It can automatically adapt the acoustic velocity in different regions to improve the resolution and contrast.

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