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Sociedad Peruana de Ultrasonido en Medicina y Biología’s Curso Taller De Actualizacion 2015 Ecografia Músculo Esquelética Dinámica
Time:【5 May 2015】
From March 27th to March 28th,  Sociedad Peruana de Ultrasonido en Medicina y Biología Held a 2 day musculoskeletal(MSK) demonstration and certification training course using SonoScape’s S40, S30, S20, S8 and S6 ultrasound systems. The event was held at Clinica Ricardo Palma, one of the largest hospitals in Lima, Peru. Nearly 90 professional doctors attended the two day course and left with new certificates in hand. 
The objective of this two day demonstration and course was to improve upon the already existing skills and abilities of the attendees in the field of MSK diagnosis with the use of ultrasound technology. Due to the accessibility of ultrasound and how safe it is for patients, it has become a powerful and increasingly popular method of diagnosis for MSK related medical fields such as sports medicine, rheumatology, orthopedics and podiatry. The greatest benefit stems from how easy ultrasound scanning is to employ for MSK and how risk free it is for patients, allowing additional diagnostic scans of a patient for a more precise and adaptive treatment. 
Throughout the two day course, the daily schedule consisted of four topics to be lectured such as the basic dynamics of scanning elbows, knees, shoulders or wrists for musculoskeletal disorders in real-time to help diagnose issues with muscles, joints, soft tissue, tendons and ligaments, for example tendinitis and bursitis. Following each lecture the attendees were split into five groups for hands on practice with any one of the five ultrasound systems provided by SonoScape. Lectures were given by one of Lima’s top medical professionals in MSK, Dr. Oscar Sedano Santiago and by Clinica Ricardo Palma’s own Head of Clinical Ultrasound Services and Medical Partner, Dr. Ivan Quiros Bazan.  After their lectures they were assisted by Dr. Elizabeth Muñante Pachas, Dr. Jorge Hurtado Quinto and Dr. Ronald Huapaya Quispe in live, hands-on practice for the attendees. At the end of the two day course, following a post examination of the past two days, the attendees were handed their certificates.
Used on site for practice by tutoring doctors and attendees, SonoScape’s S series ultrasound systems demonstrated their effectiveness in the MSK field. With clear and accurate imaging, identification of different regions of a patient’s musculoskeletal system was quick and easy. Be it an  Achilles Tendon, a Rotator Cuff or a muscle such as a deltoid,  a clear image with  quick and easy acquisition of the desired region is most important. As the S series systems readily demonstrated throughout the event.