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SonoScape see you again at ECR
Time:【23 March 2015】
With the mission of caring for life through innovation, SonoScape Medical Corp. showcased its latest ultrasound systems at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna between March 5th and 8th and once again won the attention of a large number of attendees. This time SonoScape exhibited 9 ultrasound systems, from the classic model to the newest model, including the shared-service S22 ultrasound system and the preferred compact S12 ultrasound system as well as other outstanding ultrasound solutions.

The S22 ultrasound system was of particular interest among visiting professionals. Designed in a slim and elegant package, S22 has combined mobility with utility to fit in any specific clinical situation including emergency department, ICU, operating room and so on. S22 is the perfect size and its ergonomic design makes it a competitive choice for the European market.
The S12 ultrasound system was another eye-catching innovation at the exhibition. Loaded with a host of must-have, useful functions and a suite of extended applications, S12 commits to provide superior endovaginal imaging and best-in class fetal imaging.
During the exhibition, SonoScape also hosted a 3-day professional training program on Service and Application in Vienna for more than 20 industry engineers from SonoScape’s partners in Europe. Throughout the events, ultrasound systems with different platforms were introduced and demonstrated. Attendees communicated with a service engineer from SonoScape about maintenance and service in an open and friendly manner and were therefore able to get a better understanding of SonoScape’s ultrasound systems.

ECR is the largest radiological event in Europe with more than 20,000 participants from 100 countries and 4,000 scientific papers and exhibits. As a leading global manufacturer and main player in the medical industry, SonoScape values every available chance to interact with academics, professionals and practitioners. By actively participating in each year’s ECR, SonoScape continues to learn about the growing and changing medical needs of the world and dedicates itself to delivering meaningful and accessible medical solutions.