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  • Company Profile

    SonoScape is a world leading medical equipment company dedicated to providing innovative products and customer-oriented services. SonoScape has been well-known for its advanced Ultrasound Imaging Systems since 2002. In the past few years, SonoScape has also extended its landscape to ECG, Endoscope and other applications, to address the growing need of a diverse market; SonoScape aims to support healthcare providers in various fields with our quality product and advanced technology.

  • HR contact

    To learn more about SonoScape, Join us and realize your dream here!

  • Social Recruitment

    With belief of all great achievements are generated by great people with great products, SonoScape has always been offering excellent vocational guidance and various promotion channels for its members, which keeps motivation for their long-term career development. Also, SonoScape creates specific learning plans for the staff in accordance with their position, personal interests, performance and ability. The outstanding will be granted the opportunity to study and work aboard. 

  • Campus Recruitment

    SonoScape offers the young a broad platform and looks forward to your joining.  Opportunities are waiting for you! Join in us and start your new career.